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#15MinuteMap: Tropical Cyclone Tracks 1842-2014

Posted by on Jul 15, 2015 in Featured Maps, Visualisation | 0 comments

More and more I stumble across really cool datasets online that are crying out to be mapped, but I never seem to have the time to do anything fun with them. I had a spare 15 minutes yesterday and challenged myself to map something. I wanted to map tropical cyclones – you can see the result below. I think my map is a good start, but it was never going to be perfect in 15 minutes. For example, it would benefit from a few more tweaks and a little more time spent adding labels, picking out interesting storm tracks and so on. That said, I surprised myself that I...

Colour of Votes: 2015 General Election

Posted by on May 9, 2015 in Featured Maps, Visualisation | 2 comments

There have been many great interactive maps and graphics produced for the 2015 General Election. A map I haven’t seen though is one that attempts to show the relative strength of support for each party in each constituency. This is what the map above seeks to achieve. The principle is simple – you have 3 buckets of paint – one red, one green, one blue – and you mix them together based on the vote share of each party. So a strong Conservative win gets lots of blue paint and relatively little from the other two, whilst split in support across parties will result in a more muddy colour as...

Mapping Flows in R

Posted by on Mar 30, 2015 in R Spatial, Resources, Spatial Analysis, Visualisation | 9 comments

Last year I published the above graphic, which then got converted into the below for the book London: The Information Capital. I have had many requests for the code I used to create the plot so here it is! The data shown is the Office for National Statistics flow data. See here for the latest version. The file I used for the above can be downloaded here (it is >109 mb uncompressed so you need a decent computer to load/plot it all at once in R). You will also need this file of area (MSOA) codes and their co-ordinates. The code used is pasted below with comments above each segment....

Burger Cartography

Posted by on Mar 29, 2015 in London, Visualisation | 0 comments

  I enjoy burgers and have a passion for maps and mapping, which is probably why Andrew Hill’s recent blog post “In Defense of Burger Cartography” offered a sufficiently large piece of bait for me to bite on and respond to (I join Kenneth Field and Taylor Shelton [and others, I am sure] in his cartographers’ keepnet) . In summary, the post says its time to “fall in love with maps all over again” thanks to a “new world of cartography” that has been liberated from old world critiques. I agree with many of Andrew’s points – it’s good to make it easy for people to make maps, traditional cartography can seem a bit...

Print Mega Sale

Posted by on Mar 9, 2015 in Featured Maps, Slideshow, Visualisation | 0 comments

I am moving house so I want to get as many of my remaining prints to a new home before I have to leave for mine. I am therefore selling them off as cheaply as possible (UK: £16, World:£18, including postage). These prints will not be signed or numbered (as they have been in the past), but they are the same high quality paper and size (A2) as I have been selling all along here. Price includes postage and packaging (all prices GBP(£)), please select your regionUK 16World 18...

OpenStreetMappers of London

Posted by on Dec 11, 2014 in London, Visualisation | 0 comments

This is a slightly edited cross post from Oliver O’Brien’s Suprageography blog. It offers a behind the scenes look at one of the graphics we created for the opening essay in London: The Information Capital. From Ollie: I contributed a number of graphics to LONDON: The Information Capital, a book co-written by Dr James Cheshire, also of UCL Geography. Two of my graphics that made it into the book were based on data from OpenStreetMap, a huge dataset of spatial data throughout the world. One of the graphics, featured in this post, forms one of the chapter intro pages, and colours all the roads, streets and paths in the...